PhotoBackpacker P3 with an 8×10 Camera

I recently bought a PhotoBackpacker P3 backpack to hold my 4×5 field camera kit.  The other day a gentleman asked me  if it would work for a Toyo 810 field camera. It certainly would, depending on how much extra space was needed for other things.

Here’s the P3:


On the inside, the black area is female velcro.  The ruler is 25″ long.
BP RulerThe two rectangles are double male velcro strips.  You get a bunch, and they can go anywhere. They hold the interior cases down and to each other.
BP OpenThe closest camera in size to a Toyo 810M that I have on hand is an Eastman Commercial 8×10 from about 1928:
cameraHere it is set in the bottom of the pack:
BP 8x10The next picture shows the camera with a multi-lens case.  The cases can be put anywhere and in any orientation. The middle lens is in a Copal #3 shutter.  You can also get individual lens cases for most sized lenses, including ones on 6″ boards.
BP 8x10 Lenses

Lens Case

This is the case for my Toyo 45AX:Camera Case Top

camera Case OpenThe side:

Camera Case Side

The bottom:
Camera Case Bottom

As I said before, the cases can be securely Velcro’d to the back of the backpack, as well as to each other.


I estimate that 5 8×10 film holders will fit in the second compartment.

BP Film Holder

The P3 has a great suspension, lots of storage space, and it’s light weight.