Peter and Murphy
Peter and Murphy

Peter De Smidt is an avid photographer and Judo dad.

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  1. Thanks for the review of the 5 minute artisan bread. I’m running out now to buy a thermometer and maybe several more to keep around as housewarming gifts.

    I borrowed the 5 minute artisan bread book from the library several months ago. It had some good ideas, but it didn’t make the cut as a permanent member of my collection.

  2. Hi Karla, the picture was taken in my parent’s living room. I’ll let my mom know that you like the wall paper. Thanks!

  3. Hi Peter. I saw your posts in the Large Format Photography Forum about scanning services. I have a few super rare 4×5 transparencies I’d like to have scanned for archival and to clean up some things in Photoshop on them myself. I’m a Graphic Designer in Appleton WI, but I’ll buy anywhere I get the best quality for the money. I saw James Beck’s post and it seems he has the best equipment? Though the feisty Lenny Eiger seems to have better pricing. I’m hoping not to spend at the top of the range for this.


  4. I just wanted to comment on the the image:

    A stunning child and a remarkable photographer.

    Inspiring images, thanks for taking the time to share them


  5. hi Peter, i hope i don’t bother you with that..
    I just bought a Cezanne Elite and can’t be happier.
    After owning a Howtek 4500 which i do consider inferior to the Cezanne
    i am finally starting to scan the whole body of work i have accumulated.
    Is there a way that you can send me your ICC profiles as you kindly propose in one of your LF posts?



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