Tohkon Classic XVII – 2012

Sophia Arrives at the Venue

Last Saturday, Club Olympians took part in the Tohkon Classic judo tournament in Chicago. The Tohkon Classic rocks and visiting Chicago is always a good time. Unlike most tournaments, the adults went before the juniors.

Lauren , 13, decided to compete both at her normal level and at the adult advanced level.  In the latter group she faced a 27 year old that out-weighed her by 12 pounds.

Lauren (Blue Belt) Fights as an Adult

While Lauren lost, it was a hard fought match, and it was very good experience.

Lauren (Blue Belt) Going for A throw

Grant Johnson had a very good tournament with some very hard-fought matches.

Grant Goes for a Throw
Grant Wins!

While the adults were finishing up, the juniors warmed-up.

Warming Up?
Matthew and Sophia

This was Sophia’s 10th tournament.  Last year at the Tohkon Classic she scored some points but lost all of her matches.

Sophia Waiting for her Opponent
Sophia Goes for the Head Toss
Sophia Doing a Hip Toss
Sophia Pins Her Opponent

This year she won two out of her three matches and came in 2nd.

Cody (Blue Belt) with an Ippon
Cody Wins!
Matthew (White Belt) Throwing His Opponent

Luckily, I was able to get a number of decent photos of Mitchell V. at work.

Mitchell With a Head Toss
And Again!
Deja Vue
Mitchell Pins his Opponent
Mitchell Throws his Opponent

End of the Throw
Mitchell (White Belt) Fighting Hard
Kyle (White Belt) Going for a Throw


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  1. Really nice shots as usual! Especially liked:
    Sophia waiting
    Hip toss
    Cody Ippon
    And again
    Grant wins

    So glad you post these!

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