Wahadachi Shiai 2012

Judokas from Club Olympia Judo took part at Wahadachi Shiai 2012.

Sophia, white belt, tried very hard to get her first win.  She scored two yukos.

And here she had her opponent pinned for about 15 seconds.  10 more and she would’ve won! But do you notice how her head is up?  That allowed her opponent to get her leg around Sophia’s head.  This lead to a reversal pin, which resulted in an ippon.  Sophia has really made great progress since her last tournament!

Lauren had a very good day, coming in first in her division with 5 wins and one loss.  This is from her first match.

Lauren won with a pin, which she doesn’t do very often.

Ellie Keenan, white belt, attempts a throw.

Mandy Race, blue belt, throws her opponent.

Cody and Kyle going at it.

Kyle Handy, blue belt, gets his grip.

Kyle wins!

Ellie with a nice throw.

Lauren goes for a throw.

Hannah, white gi, won the balance contest and threw her opponent.

Lauren had to beat Mandy twice to win her division.  The matches were very close!

Mitchell V., white belt, looks to throw.


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